How to add Geopoint location data in a specific table

This should’ve been an easy task, but I’m not been able to do it.
I’m following Rob Percivals tutorial on Android where he’s building “Uber Clone” app.
This tutorial is old and he’s using Parse, so I’m implementing the same things in Backendless instead.
So, What I need to do is after “rider” logs in, he’s redirected to “YourLocation” maps activity.
Here’s the image of how my app looks like.</img>

I’m getting user’s location in onLocationChanged method.
When user clicks on “Request Uber” button, the request is saved in “Requests” table in backendless, along with riders name.
What I’m trying to accomplish is I want to also save the requester/riders location in a table.
Have a look at how my backendless table looks like.</img>

For saving this request, I’m not using a class but instead, I’m using a hashmap.

The sample code is below:

final HashMap requests = new HashMap&lt;String, Object&gt;();
requests.put("requesterUsername", currentUsername);
GeoPoint userLocation = new GeoPoint(myLastLocation.getLatitude(), myLastLocation.getLongitude());
                    requests.put("requesterLocation", userLocation);
Backendless.Persistence.of("Requests").save(requests, new AsyncCallback&lt;Map&gt;() {
                        public void handleResponse(Map response) {
                            Log.i("userSaved", response.toString());
                            //Change TextView text
                            infoTextView.setText("Finding Uber driver...");
                            requestUberButton.setText("Cancel Uber");
                            requestActive = true;


                        public void handleFault(BackendlessFault fault) {
                            Log.i("userSaveFault", fault.toString());

This method didn’t work for me.
Also by following official documentation for Backendless 4.0,

I tried this as well and used this method

public GeoPoint Backendless.Geo.savePoint( GeoPoint geoPoint, 
                                           AsyncCallback&lt;GeoPoint&gt; responder ) 

But what I don't understand is how shall I tell the above query to store it in "Requests" table?
I also tried 

public GeoPoint Backendless.Geo.savePoint( GeoPoint geoPoint,requests 
                                               AsyncCallback&lt;GeoPoint&gt; responder ) 

Because I’m already storing some data in requests table, but it’s returning an error.
I was assuming “meta” was something similar like table.
So, how can I store geopoint data in my table?

Thank you so much Anton for your response.
However, my main concern here is that what you saved is a plain “string/text” and not built in functionality offered by Backendless.
Am I right?
Here’s the schema of this table.</img>

As you can see, the type defined here is Geo Relation.
I still don’t understand why it’s a “relation”.
I’m really sorry, I’m a beginner at this.
Why can’t I use

Backendless.Geo.savePoint(userLocationGeopoint ,new AsyncCallback&lt;GeoPoint&gt;()

As defined by the documentation and show it in which Table I want to save it.
Thank you.

Yeah, this more of a workaround then a solution. We’ll dig into it tomorrow and get back to you. Thanks for patience

Regards Anton

Thank you so much!
I’ll be waiting for your response, because I’m going to further dig into the problem tomorrow as well.

Hi again Ahsan!

The documentation you might have been referencing was for Backendless 3. If your purpose to make a relation with a geo point - you’ll need to follow documentation for Backendless 4. Relations are saved differently in 4.0. Storing a related point is a better approach the simply storing location data as a String.
Sorry for delay, I should have noticed this yesterday)

Regards Anton