How to add as new external host?

Apple has two URLs that developers can use to verify receipts - and I plan on using custom server-side code for verification. When I try to add these URLs to the External Hosts in Business Logic section, I get a “Wrong Host Name” error message. Why am I getting this error message?

The only “External Hosts” section is in the “Manage > App Settings > External Hosts” part of Backendless console. Is it where you’re adding hosts?

Yes, that is where I was trying to add the URL. Is it necessary?

You need to use just the hostname (not the entire URL). In this case the host names are:

Thank you for the quick reply. It did accept the first one that I entered. I will need to purchase the additional external hosts package for the second one.

I had the same issue with itunes IAP related hosts. When I bought 10 additional external hosts I could add all needed URLs to the list. Currently I have a different issue. I am testing my JS script which performs a request to those hosts and only 1 request in several minutes goes through. For others I get ehostunreach error. Because of that my shop logic is useless. Is there a daily limit to how many requests to external host can be called?