How to add leading zeros

I am brand new to backendless and I am migrating from MS Access and VBA. I am struggling with date/time manipulation. I love the puzzle piece approach (the way Visual programming should be) but I am struggling a little with figuring out what pieces to use for some tasks. I am trying to build a time element by creating a time string built from hours “:” minutes “:” seconds. The issue is I need to add a zero if the minutes is a single digit. I can build a complex if…do logic, but is there a built-in block to add leading/trailing zeros to strings? I was also looking for a Format function for string to create custom formats for things like dates and times. I have been searching, but have not found any posts on either of these.

Hello @Randall_Quillin

Unfortunately we don’t have any functions for working with custom formats, but you can create your own custom function and reuse it.


I kind of figured. I built my own; I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t spending a lot of time on something that already exists.

Another question: Is it possible to access functions built in Cloud Code in the UI builder and/or in calculated fields. I would prefer to build the data processing functions on the back and so there are fewer data calls and internet traffic that way. But I just don’t know how to call them from the front end. How do I expose them in the API?

Hi @Randall_Quillin ,

Sorry for the long delay with response.
You can expose your custom functions via API using Custom API Services functionality.
More information about it you can find by this link:

Regards, Andriy