How to add object relations in bulk using Codeless

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Expected Behavior

I want to bulk create objects in 2 tables and then set the relations between them in bulk as well.

Table 1 contains name and order.
Table 2 contains name and email.
There is a 1-1 relation named test from table 1 to table 2.

I create the parent and child lists of objectIds and then loop through each parent objectId and add a relation to the child objectId based on their index.

Is this the most efficient way to create relations in bulk? Is it scalable for many objects? This works, but is there a better way?

Hello @Andreas_Marinopoulos, I think it is the best way for now. Also for your information, we are preparing a new feature called deepSave it will give you opportunity to save object with relations. The feature is based on transactions

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