How to center 3 blocks, when 1 is hired?

How to center 3 blocks when 1 of the blocks is Display FALSE programmatically?

Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 20.38.48

Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 20.39.52

I like “Contable” and “Usuario” center with “Cambiar Usuario”

Thanks, Mario

Hello @Mario_Ghersi

I’m not sure about the full hiding of the first block. You could check it at browser dev tools.

Also, could you tell me your app id, container name, and the page name.

Hello @Dima_Vak

AppID: 147F3E51-266A-AAC4-FF2B-DFE9F84FD200
Container: default
Page: MenuAdminUser
Block: RegistroBlock

Thanks, Mario

Did you check if it hid fully?

You can do it at Dev Tools → Elements

Hi Dima

Sorry I can’t follow your answer?
It’s possible to explain in detail or some images…

Thanks, Mario

Hi Mario,

Perhaps this article will help: