how to check which social account user is using for login

i’m using facebookEasylogin + googleplusEasyLogin for registering users and i wanna know how user is connected. e.g check is user is logged in using Facebook or Google+ how can i do this ? i do have a Column which says socialAccount and it shows what i need but i can’t retrieve it (cause its returning null)


which sdk do you use to retrieve users?

backendless’s sdk ? using objectID then get property.

Ok, I mean which language you’re are using

swift 3.0

Thanks. I’ll contact with our iOS developer to help you.

alright , thanks for responding.

@Stanislaw do we have any lead ?


The internal task BKNDLSS-13266 is created.

Now you could fetch “socialAccount” with func like this:

 func getSocialAccount() -> String? {
 var result : String? = nil
 Types.tryblock({ () -> Void in
 let objectId = self.backendless!.userService.currentUser.objectId as String!
 let user = self.backendless!.userService.find(byId: objectId ) as BackendlessUser
 result = user.getProperty("socialAccount") as? String
 catchblock: { (exception) -> Void in
 print("getSosialAccount: server reported an error: \(exception as! Fault)")
 return result