How to configure coderuner in Visual Studio Code (for running and debugging JS cloud code)


is there a tutorial on how configure Visual Studio Code to debug Api Service with coderunner?

Thank you, elena.


we have instructions for IntellyJ Attaching IDE Debugger - Developing Backendless Server Code with node.js but the configuration should be similar for any other IDE

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Thank you @sergey.kuk

I’ll share instruction to configure Visual Studio Code:

after downloaded the project and installed node, as described in

do this steps:

  1. Select Add Configuration… in Run menu

  2. Select Node.js as debugger

  3. Select button Add Confguration … button

  4. Select Node.js: Launch via npm

  5. Delete configuration that VSCode created by default

Configuration done; now it’s possible to set breakpoints in code

To debug:

  1. Select Run->Start Debugging and wait untill on debug console appears this text: [master] Waiting for Server Code tasks…

  1. Go on Backendless backend->Cloud Code->Api Services, select the method to debug and click on Invoke

  2. wait until debugger stop on first breakpoint :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting the instructions, @Elena_Aralla ! With your permission, I will put this topic in the how-to category.

Hi @mark-piller,

it’s fine for me :slight_smile:

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