How to create a grid

I am working my way through the tutorial missions and so far really liking how backendless works.
My concern is that the ui builder doesn’t seem to be able to create grids… and that I will end up needing to switch to something like bubble for the user interface but that’s a whole other level of challenge and seems to take away the primary benifit of me using backendless in the first place… :frowning:

My grid represents a map, 10 x 10, and the images need to be displayed with no spacing between. Each cell of the grid would be selectable and highlight and info in another context window changes, etc.

If anyone could provide me with even just a basic example of a grid that I could see it would be most helpful. Or a specific resource if you know of one would be great.

Hi Terrence,

I believe what you described is entirely possible with the Container component. Here’s a video describing it:


Thank you so much Mark.