How to create a typical website using UIBuilder

I like the platform very much!

A typical website I want to build will have a header on the top, list of menus on the side and content in the middle.

The content can be developed as pages. I couldn’t figure out how to build one. Is there any example or blog post on how this can be achieved?

One way to do this is to build separate pages and copy header and menu on each page but this is not very practical. Is there any way to build such site? If not, is it on the road map?

Very useful feature will be to be able to create custom components and drop them on different pages.

Hello @Tushar_Kale

Your question is very reasonable. I can offer to you - create an empty template page with header and menu, and copy them for all new pages. But we know is not much comfortable for users, and added Reusable Components as a feature to our roadmap, so we start developing it as fast as possible.

Regards, Dima

Will follow your approach for now.
Reusable component feature will be awesome!

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