How to create an object?

Hi, how do I create an object from variables in Page Data? What I do now is that I create Json from those variables and use the json to object function. But I doubt if that’s the best way. For example, can I create objects from variables in Page Data with this funtion:


If yes, how do I provide the data in propName?

Or can it be done with this one?


If yes, how?


Is the object structure not pre-defined?


For example, for a table called flights, I create an object like this:

But it must be easier than that, no?

To make this question maybe more complete, I save to the database as follows:

(this On Click Event is not finished yet)

Hello @Michiel_Prins1

We can propose you the following solutions:
Just create an object with the properties you want.

This solution allows you to build a newObject with all the Page Data props that are described in the list
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