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How to embed third party content via JS to a html page?

Users can login to my site.
After login they view an empty page.
On the page I want to embed third party content.
The content is embedded with a javascript.
the javascript is different for every logged in user.
Thus i want to connect the javascript that is used to the user profile to get the right third party content.

  1. How to embed a javascript on the target page?

  2. the javascript embedded should come from a db that is connected to a user. I could add the JS in the user profile by adding a field so that it dynamically used or can I create static pages that are assigned to a user?

Hello @Juergen_Koehler ,

could you please specify a use-case when there has to be a different JS code for different users?


Hi Juergen,

In addition to Stanislaw’s question above, could you please clarify where Backendless is used here? Is the login page done in UI Builder?


Hello @stanislaw.grin, @mark-piller

The login page is done in the UI builder using the default login template.

The use case:
User logs in to view a dashboard.

The dashboard is built in AWS QuickSight.

First I need to authenticate the user and get the embeddable dashboard URL on my application server.

Then I need to embed the dashboard into the i.e. iFrame on the page.
The following examples perform the IAM authentication on the user’s behalf. This code runs on your app server

Ideally, I can connect every user account that I create to the dashboard so that routing can be done automatically.

How to integrate that?


Hi Juergen,

Thank you for sharing the details. This is more of a question of consulting services rather than support. I saw another message where you were looking for 1-2 hours of help. In my opinion, it will take 1-2 hours (or longer) just to figure out all the details with AWS.

We’d love to help you with this, you’re welcome to contact or me directly and we’ll provide you with a quote.