How to export or print data from UI Builder

I’m working in an access control software using UI Builder.

The client needs the access reports to be printed or exported, how to handle the reports without going to the backendless console?

Thanks, Mario

It depends on the format you’d like to use for printing. The simplest option is to compose a page that contains the reported data and let them print the page. Alternatively, you could create an API service that will generate a PDF file that can be printed.

As for exporting data, I’d also recommend an API service that would create a CSV or some other data file containing the exported data.

Finally, you can add people to your app (Manage > App Settings > Team) and restrict their rights only to certain functionality, this way they can use the console but with access to only specific functional areas.


In my node.js based backend service, I’m using pdfjs for generating PDFs (pdfjs - npm).
Very small package and it works.


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OK, when I like to go to the easy way, print from the browser the this with 50 rows only print the first page. The browser didn’t recognize the length of the information. It’s like a screen shoot not allow me or recognize the following pages.
The API services will be the solution any tutorial to follow?

The browser will automatically split the screen into multiple pages, I am not sure how that algorithm works. As for API services, here are a few tutorials:

with JS:
Setup - Developing Backendless Server Code with node.js

with Codeless:


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Hello Mark, @mark-piller

I think a video tutorial for deploying a service like this would really be helpful for most of us who look up to deploying this service on ui builder since we depend on using data tables.

Could you also recommend a Service API that would fit this service.?


Thanks @innocent_machage for ask.

Yes, the API Service will be the solution, I’m not familiar with Node.js that’s why I’m dealing with an integration with Heroku for some parts of my development to code in python.

Regards, Mario

Hello, is it possible to print a list of objects,

Say i have a list of products listed in the db and i want to print them into a receipt,

how can i go about it?

Hi Btap Africa

Welcome to the community.
You can use the browser print option.
This is my sample of Authorization (only 2) but could be a list of products.

Regards, Mario