how to get date of last updating image file or its size?

Hello , i need to refresh images in my app , and i want to download images only when they was updated on server.
How i can do this ? I think about next methods:

  • get image’s file size by API ? - how to get it?
  • get last date of updating every image’s file - how to get it ?

Hi Alexandr,


Hello! Unfortunately, size of image that getted from you API, and the size of image that my base storage keeps (image as data) always diffrent (don’t know why)

When i see information about files, in web version of backendless , i see parameter ‘timestamp’ , is this an information about date of creating file ? is this the same parameter that i get from API ? (like createdOn = 1460995058000;)

Hi Alexandr

The size may be different because we round it by 1024 bytes.

Yes, both on console and in the response to the API call you receive a date when the file was created, not updated.