How to get sensors data from mobile device?


I’m creating an app for iPhone (IOS) fully with Backendless with no native development. I would like to get access to iPhone sensors. For example, in AppGyver there’s such a component, but I failed to find anything like that in Backendless.
Is there a way to get the access to the sensors with Backendless functionality only?Native development in Xcode+Backendless is not my case because I have only Backendless+Windows
In particular I need access to the steps counter. Is there maybe a way to integrate with Apple Health App which keeps that info?

Thank you

Hello @Evgeniy_Volkov

I think no, and the cause of that - sensors are security-sensitive data, and mobile os doesn’t expose it to browser API.

You could try to find a way with a Native API, and build a Native App. But if we told about web app, for now, our team couldn’t offer you anything except self researching.

Regards, Dima.

@Dima , thank you for the reply. Maybe you are right, but the point is that AppGyver provides such a tool which gives the access to the device sensors, so somehow they do it. But I don’t know the technical details.