how to get the most clause objects contains geo point

I need to get a few result from many (it can by more than hundred), and I need the most clause of theme…
the automatic sort sort it from the most far to the clause, so if I start from offset 0 I get the far of theme.
and I need the lest of theme-the clauses. but I can’t now the number of result for do:
set offset (size-pageSize)… so how I can get the most clause results?


again, the result can be more than hundred, and because the page size can’t be more than hundred I cant take

for(int i=result.size-1;i>result.size-numOfResultINeed;i–)

because if the result will be more then hundred I will miss the most clause result of them…

please help

Hey Yosef

This documentation describes how to search the objects which contain a geopoint. Search by distance

Regards Anton