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How to go to a URL

I pass the URL of a page as a parameter to another page using ‘Get Current Url’. Afterwards I want to return to this page but when I pass the value of ‘Get Current Url’ to the ‘Open Web Page - URL’ then a question mark is automatically added (even when I don’t specify ‘URL Parameters’). As a workaround I tried splitting the ‘Get Current Url’ in 2 strings (using make list from text and then get item from list) and pass the second string to ‘Url Parameters’ but that should be an object instead of a typical list of url parameters.

Any suggestions?

Personally I think it would be better if a question mark wouldn’t be automatically added if you don’t specify the ‘Url Parameters’ object.

By the way: using ‘Go To Previous Page’ is not an option in this case.

Hi Tom,

An app built with the UI Builder is a single page application (SPA). This means when the app is built/published, it will be served up through a single page (for instance index.html) and all other pages will be differentiated through ?page=pagename. When you need to navigate to a specific page, use the page name in the Go to Page block:


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I understand. Is there a way to get the original data passed to a page so that I can pass it to together with the page name to the next page? Maybe the ‘Page’ object before it gets ‘contaminated’ by logic of the page? But where would be the best place to create a ‘OriginalPageData’ object?

When returning to the original page, this ‘OriginalPageData’ information could be used to return to the original page. Using ‘Go To Previous Page’ is not always a solution.

Please watch the video below and let me know if this answers your question. If not, we will look into it further:

I’m familiar with the way to pass page data. I’ll keep playing around with it to see whether I can find a solution. I still wish I could use the value of ‘Get Current Url’ as input for the ‘Open Web Page’ function. The question mark really shouldn’t be automatically added when you don’t specify the page parameters.

On the side: imho using ‘App Data’ for passing information from one to another is bad practice (in most cases) as this results in more and more app data shared between all the pages.

Nothing stops you from clearing AppData so information is not accumulated. The question mark with the page name is there to stay, this is the standard approach with single page applications.

I’d love to help, but I feel like we are focusing on finding a solution without stating what the problem is. Could you please perhaps describe what you need without getting into the details of how you want to implement it?