How to handle base64 image from REST API in UI Builder

Hi Guys

I have a HTTP service in UI Builder working OK and bring a base64 image.

How to present in the image container at the screen and also save in Files?

I try to convert with a node.js service but the data at the image container is not working.

Thanks, Mario

Does you HTTP service return an image encoded in base64?

Yes, my partial solution is again working with Heroku and python but I’m still dealing with the limitation on the Springboard.

“{“code”:9070,“message”:“The API request has been rejected because it requires scaling for processing. Switch to the Cloud9 or Cloud99 plan to enable the Super Scaling option.”,“errorData”:{}}”

imgdata = base64.b64decode(img_data)
with open(filename, ‘wb’) as f:
url = “” + self.applicationId + “/” + self.secretId
requestUrl = url + “/files/” + path + “/” + filename + “?overwrite=true”
response =, files=file)

Hello @Mario_Ghersi

The application gets blocked when it tries tapping into the SuperScaling system and it can’t because SuperScaling is not available for the apps on the Springboard plan. The blocking is enabled for 24 hours to enable the app to “cool off”. The SuperScaling system is engaged when an app needs to process concurrent requests and/or API requests from multiple locations.


Upgrade to Cloud9 and problem solved!
Thanks, Mario