How to handle push notification button click in flutter?

I’m using push notification buttons, and the device is receiving the notification… now I want on click of this button to run specific code, how can I achieve it in flutter?
It may be something not related to backendless, but any help would be appreciated.



The question doesn’t seem to be related to Backendless. Have you tried searching on stack overflow?


Hi, yes I’ve posted it on SO, but nobody responds, can you?
and it will be appreciated if you put in documentation steps for setup.

Hi @adel_kasno

There is no direct way to specify the flutter screen to open on notification click.
But there is a callback onMessage that will be called once the notification is received. You can put your dart code (e.g. with Navigator.push()) here:

Backendless.messaging.registerDevice(["default"], null, onMessage).then(
  (response) => print("Device has been registered!"));

void onMessage(Map<String, dynamic> args) {

Take a look at this article, it will be very helpful:

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That was helpful, thank you @Maksym_Khobotin2

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