How to hold data through out App?

Good Day

Just a quick question. Is there a way to hold data in the app which will not be reset by refreshing the page or moving to other pages. Why I ask is on also most every page I need to request an “objectId” which I feel is unnecessary API calls, I would rather like to load the “objectId” into for example “App Data” which I can access on every page. However, I see that “App Data” is lost if the page is refreshed.

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Hi Donovan,

If you put data into App Data, it will stay when the user moves from one page to another. However, App Data will go away when the browser session ends (for instance if you do a hard page reload or quit/relaunch the app). If you need the data to survive hard reloads or the user quitting the browser, you can use the Local Storage blocks:


Thank you @mark-piller