How to import backendless from cocoapods

So i’ve imported backendless via cocoapods from the following pods but when i want to import the framework in one of my swift files i.e. AppDelegate like so

import Backendless

I’m getting an error telling me that there’s no such module that exists…

How would i import this pod into one of my swift files?

Could you make sure you followed the instructions from this page? (see the section titled “Create project with CocoaPods”)


Hi mate i have followed this but when trying to use a class from cocoapods in swift you need to import it which is what is missing.

When you just try and use the following to create an instance of this class like below you get an error because there are no classes imported into the file. You can’t use import Backendless-ios-SDK since dashes are not allowed in cocoapods. Is this something you’re aware of?

var backendless = Backendless.sharedInstance() // This will not work without import at the top

Could you post your podfile here please?

 platform :ios,'8.0'
 target "Corral" do
	 pod 'Parse'
	 pod 'SwiftyJSON', :git => '', :branch => 'xcode7.1'
	 pod 'RealmSwift'
	 pod 'DZNEmptyDataSet'
	 pod 'CCBottomRefreshControl'
	 pod 'MGSwipeTableCell'
	 pod 'iRate', :git => ''
	 pod 'EAIntroView'
	 pod 'pop', '~> 1.0'
	 pod 'MRProgress'
	 pod 'SwiftyStoreKit'
     pod 'Backendless-ios-SDK'

After installing it if you try and use the method to create an instance it will you an error and if you trying to import the class using the import Backendless it will also throw an error.

Please check what bridging header is installed in the project after you install all the pods.

Sweet i resolved it by adding

#import <Backendless-ios-SDK/Backendless-Bridging-Header.h>

into my bridging header thanks for your help mate no need to use import at the top i can just access the class :slight_smile: