How to import Cloud Logic

Backendless Version (6)

Hellow, I’d like to know it it’s possible to import CODELESS cloud logic.

I’ve imported it as JS but the Codeless option is not present.

Also, on Import there is an option to import an entire Backendless project, how do we export Backendless projects?

Thank you

Hello @Hezzron_Austin

Do you have an API service written in codeless logic? And, for example, do you want to import this logic to another app?


Yeah I have several api services in code logic and I want to export them and import them into a different Backendless app.

I’ve tried just copy and pasting the folders and I have tried the important functionality but no look with the services showing up in Logic

This is for Backendless pro

Hello @Hezzron_Austin

Let’s try this way:


Ah I was close! Just needed to press the save & deploy button.

This worked, thank you!

Great support

Hello, I did also ask about the Backendless App Import, how do I go about getting an import file for my entire application? thank you


I think you can’t export the whole project
Everything you can export is in Manage/Export section