How to increase overall application speed? Slow to load even basic pages

How can I increase the overall speed of my site? For example, loading the login page takes 3.65 seconds. This is the entry point for my customers, and waiting 3-4 seconds is tough.

From the internet -

Google’s research showed that the chance of a bounce increased by 32% when a page load time went from one to three seconds, and by 90% when the page load time went from one to five seconds

My connection is good, certainly fast enough that it’s not a connection related issue -

This page doesn’t have any significant logic on page load -


I am seeing the following:

As a comparison, you could try uploading your UI app to another host and see if the loading is done faster.


Hi Mark,

I don’t have anywhere to upload it right now. I could get a hosting account and figure out how to upload the app (backendless being turn key was a huge draw) but I don’t have the time for that right now, unfortunately.


Hi Tim,

Sorry, I was not suggesting moving away to a different host. I was curious myself if there would be a significant difference.

We will look into ways to optimize initial loading.


Hey Mark,

I got that. I just don’t have anywhere else to try it. I like the idea, it makes sense. I am just without those resources right now.


Try using Cloudflare.

It helps with speed optimisation, can also use a cdn for your images.

Still got bad ranking with this speed test Google speed test but page loads faster.

Hi @Hezzron_Austin,

Thanks for jumping in. How would I add Cloudflare?

That link is super interesting. The results are not good @mark-piller -

I am aware. We have an task assigned to an engineer. This has nothing to do with the speed of the server, backendless returns resources back very fast. The issue is the loading order and non-blocking resource resolution.

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Thanks, @mark-piller. What are you doing working on the weekend? :slight_smile:

The grind never stops :wink:

No worries @Tim_Jones ,

With cloudflare you just go to their website, create account and add the custom domain you’ve added to Backendless.

There’s then various settings within the cache pages to help improve page speed.

I recommend using webp images and resizing them, this helped me

Thanks, @Hezzron_Austin.

@mark-piller Is there any issue running Cloudflare and backendless together? Do you recommend this as a way to increase speed in parallel with what you’re working on internally?


Hi, @Tim_Jones

There is absolutely nothing that would preclude you from using something like Cloudflare if you like. This will help you increase the speed when working with static content.


Is there a timeframe on improving the perceived site speed? It feels like my hands are tied right now, and I don’t feel the site performance is where it should be.


Hi @Tim_Jones ,

Unfortunately we cannot provide ETA at the current moment since our engineers still researching possible way to improve loading speed.

Regards, Andriy

Are there things I can do in my implementation or other services that would help speed things up? Cloudflare, moving images to a CDN, etc.?


@Tim_Jones ,

You can try to use Cloudflare as was suggested above. Also if you have possibility to use CDN for some of your static resources than it is better to use it. These steps should improve loading speed.

Regards, Andriy