How to modify the email variables?

Hey team,
I have setup my production app and I have a problem with the variables in the confirmation emails that i cannot work out how to fix.

When requesting a password reset it puts a weird file location of

But I need it to be

I cannot seem to find anywhere to modify this variable, and I cannot work out what it uses for the token to be able to manually put the URl with a variable for the token.

What do I do here?

Hi @Leon_Black

Unfortunately, it’s not clear what/where your problem is.
Could you please clarify this in more detail?

Do you want to modify an EmailTemplate?

Hey Vladimir,

I built an app using backendless, upgraded to a paid plan, then got told you will not install an SSL certificate for me when I provided it (despite your documentation saying you would) and that is now only on the cloud 99.
Mark then suggested to host the frontend on another web service and it will all still work.

So following those instructions I published the app to the /web (which the system container is /web/system)
Zipped it.

Made a new website and unzipped into the root so the site is “” and you are on the index page.

Everything works great, however if someone clicks on forgot password, they receive the reset password email but the URL in the email is broken and points to the wrong place.

It points to…”

Which is wrong because the published system container is…”

So it goes to 404 not found and there is no option for the variable in the email template and I cannot work out what the token refers to, all I need to do is have it point to the correct published place and i cannot work out where that variable can get changed to the correct path.

Hi @Leon_Black

Please provide your AppID and we will try to investigate this issue.

Also, I think that if you had unzipped your container not to the root folder, but to the api/files folder, there would have been no problem, but this is just my guess and requires further investigation.


Why would I create a folder called api and then a folder in that called files and then put all the ui files in it for the website that hosts the front end? Makes no sense.I have done that just for the sole incorrect reset password link for the time being

app id: 58D8D0AA-DB5C-703A-FF22-DFA32B1E6800

It points to…”

I just checked in your app the link above works as expected, it points to the “/web/system” directory

Which is wrong because the published system container is…”

this link is wrong, it points to the “/web/web/system” directory in files which doesn’t exist in your app

the frontend is hosted on different web server.
The reset link only works because I created new folders for api and files and web and copied the system folder into that to get the reset link working. Which is not right, the link should point to where the web files are which should just be

Sorry I made a mistake putting web in it before.

There should not be extra folders in the url because its hosted externally.
The dynamic link is pointing to backendless structure which is a different structure, so i need to modify the variable thats getting created to remove api/files/web

I would host it on backendless if I could add my ssl without having to be on cloud 99, but because I cant till the app starts to make money its hosted on a cpanel site right now and its in its main directory.

Hi @Leon_Black ,

Sorry for a long delay.
Unfortunately the “restore password” link cannot be changed. You should put that page under api/files directory to make things work.

Regards, Andriy

Thanks for clearing that up, thats very annoying, ill see what I can do about automating that rollout so its not a big manual process whenever the gui updates.