How to query data without being case sensitive

How can you query the data without regards to case? Example: There is a row with first name of “Bob”. How can I query the data with ‘bOb’?

Hi Phil,

data query string is always not case-sensitive, so you should be able to find “Bob”, 'bob", “bOb” and other cases with just “where firstName=‘bob’” query.


I have the same question as the question poster.
When I do (title like ‘%s%’) then it is returning only results that are case sensitive match. How can I get case insensitive matches?
Thank you

Hi Guys

I just checked it and it works well for me

the same result in REST Console

Regards, Vlad

You are absolutely right! I am sorry to waste your time. It seems there was a bug in my code and coincendtly the test data I used resulted in the the case sensitive behaviour.
Thanks for confirming