How to refresh table or page when object is saved

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How can I refresh a table or the page when an object is saved using codless logic.

For example, if new vehicle information is added to the table how can I get the table to refresh to show the new vehicle. I am not using the table element but rather customized a container element to display dynamic data.

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Hello @Donovan_Hardwick

In order to trigger re-render just set new DataItems to the DynamicList, and the system automatically displays new items

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Hi @vladimir-upirov

Please see the screenshot below, this logic only shows the new DataItem in the table. How can I get it to add this DataItem to the table.

Screenshot 2021-12-24 at 13.48.12

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you need to add to the created item to the list already used in the DynamicList

how do you assign data records to the DynamicList?

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Thank you for your assistance, I found the component β€œIn List [Dynamic List] add [New Data Record]”.

Screenshot 2021-12-26 at 11.36.55

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