How to register an android device for the push notification mission

Hi, I am trying to complete the missions but am stuck at the PUSH NOTIFICATION task. I am not able to register the android device on which i am running my “hello world” program.
I don’t know much about about android dev so i didn’t make a complex program and i tried reading the docs to understand how to register my device in the Registered devices section but it was hard for me to undrstand the information in the docs. Please guide me how to register my device .

Thank you

Hi, @Mohammed_Nouman

What have you already done?
Please, take a look video tutorial which we made for our users.

Download the Push notifications archive for Android. You can find it in the Code Generation section. Then you have to add google-services.json doc to your project. Which can be obtained with following the instructions from this article.


What is the push notifications archive ?

You can download it in the Code Generation section

I did download it and also did made the firebase project , now where should i store the google-services.json file in the program ?

You need to add the google-services.json file to the structure of your project, like here

Don`t forget to add Android Server Key to the Backendless console

Follow the instructions from the video, attached to this mission. All other steps need to be done using Android Studio and your device or emulator.

Thanks a lot for helping me out i just completed the PUSH COMMANDER mission .

The only other issue i faced while doing this was when i was downloading the google-services.json file, it asked for a android package name and i thought any name would do but i later realized that i had to use the same name as the one in the push notification archive i.e com.mbaas.examples .