How to remove credit card?

Hi, I recently purchase developer plan now I want to remove my credit card! How can I do that!

All Backendless plans run on the subscription basis. Your app cannot remain on a paid plan without a credit card. You can switch back to Free (if you are not over the limits) and remove the card. The app will switch at the end of the billing cycle.

i need developer plan for just one month! i do not wanna get charge after month!

What will happen to all tables if i switch to free plan ?

To switch to the free plan you need to be within the limits of the free plan, otherwise you cannot switch. Make sure you have less than 6 tables.

if i do not have and neither i have credit in my account ! I guess my app will not function properly

If the credit card charge does not go through, your app will be blocked.

and to unblock the app i need to buy a plan ? right

Let’s go over this again:

If you do not want to pay next month:

  1. Make sure you have less than 6 tables and your app fits within the limits of the free plan
  2. Switch to Free on the Manage > Billing screen. The app will switch to Free at the end of the billing cycle
  3. There will not be other charges if the app is on the free plan. Then you can remove the credit card

If you do not switch

  1. If the credit card transaction fails, the app will be blocked.
  2. To unblock the app, yes, you will need to pay for the next month.

Hope this clarifies it for you.