How to reset content of a select field in UI Builder

I have a modal block based on the How-To Guidelines for Backendless How To Create A Modal In UI Builder | Backendless. On a click on a certain field the modal will be “opened” (changed visibility). All fields are in a read-only/disabled state. With the click on an icon all fields can be edited. If I click on the icon “reset”, all fields shall be resetted to the state, before the modal has been opened. For this, I have saved the data in an extra object.

For input fields everything works as expected. But for a Select Field it does not work the same way. What do I do different? I use the Change Event to set the new Value in the Change Event.
Is this the right way?

The Value Logic is used with data binding to the selected Record. But the changed value is never reflected in the field if I do not use On Change Event. But, the right values are reflected in the relevant data objects. Why are they not showed in the Select Field?

Hope you can help?

When you click “reset”, why do you expect the “On Change Event” to trigger in the Select component?

I assume the data model used by the Select (Payment) component is updated when the reset icon is clicked. Then use the Value Logic of the select component to reset the value of the dropdown.


I assume my explanation was not good enough.

  • Without the “On Change Event” I cannot set a changed entry in the select field.
  • The Value Logic is used to set the data. The select field data is bound to a data record field.
  • The Reset Button is an extra Button I have on my GUI. When clicking this button I want ro set the content of all fields to the original content (before showing the modal)
  • The modal should not be closed when clicking on the Reset Button (by the way - for me it is a cancel Button)
  • This works well for all input fields

Does this help?

This is what happens when making the modal visible:

The following modal is showing the details of databaseCostItemdata in a correct way - we focus on the Payment Select Field, after clicking the small pencil/edit button on the right hand side:

I have made some random changes in some fields:

When I now click on the red cancel/reset Button I want to set all fields back to the original entries which I have saved in the selectedTmpRecordData, but this happens:

  • all input fields are reset to the original fields
  • the select field remains as is
  • furthermore - the select field keeps this changed value even if I select another item from the repeater list

I am somehow losing the data binding capabilities, but I cannot find where.