How to Restore Deleted Database Data

Hey we just deleted some critical data and we are trying to find a way to revert to a previous backup.
We are on the scale plan.

Hi Joshua,

I am sorry you ran into this situation. Could you please provide more details on what got deleted? Are we talking about some specific data records or the entire data table?

We should have a backup of the database. We would be able to restore the data in its entirety which would revert your database to the point of time when the backup was made. The procedure to restore takes about 4 hours once it is started. There is a fee of $200 to cover the devops engineer’s time.


Hi Mark,
We deleted specific records from our database, and the important part is the relationships which have been lost.

I’ve been following this article, but I don’t see anything in our Timers tab.

Does this mean that there haven’t been any backups?

If it does we would like to go ahead and initiate a manual backup as you described to 2:00 PM PST Today.

The article talks about creating your own backup service using a timer.

There should be a system-level backup performed by the platform itself.

Is 2:00 PM PST when the incident happened? I would like to confirm that we should take a backup that is the closest to that point of time, but not later.

Ok, I believe the incident occurred closer to 3:30 PM but to be safe 2:00 PM would be better as we don’t have much activity on the application at the moment.

Thank you. I have dispatched a request to restore the database to the devops team. By looking at the current work log, it should be done approximately between 2:00 am - 5:00 am PST.

Wonderful, thank you for your help Mark!

Our COO is wondering if possible could the database restoration be expidited to within the next two hours?

We will do everything we can to get it done sooner. Unfortunately, our staff is limited during off hours and they are working the queue of issues.

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Hello, @Joshua_Larsen

Database in you app was restored from a backup copy of 2023-10-19 21:00:01 UTC (2:00 PM PST).

Please check that all the data is there and that you have everything working correctly.