How to retrieve a single column

I have a table with 4 columns, FirstName, SecondName, ThirdName and Annotation. The first 3 are used in Select Boxes and the 4th is retrieved based on values chosen in the 3 Select Boxes.
As a test, in the OnChange of the 3rd Select Box, I have…

It is obviously wrong, How do I retrieve Annotation based on the 3 Select Boxes? How do I display the retrieved Annotation in the ShowAlert?

Thanks in advance

Hello @Bruce_X

Please try to use the getProperty block, something like:

Hi Vlad

I used your idea, but it is difficult to judge success.

The ShowAlert always displays

I have tried various jigsaws (rawtext, text etc).
How do I get it to display the contents of varAnnotation.

Kind Regards

Hi Bruce,

I noticed you display the static text “varAviation” rather than using the varAviation variable. In your Show Alert block, try to connect the variable to the message connector.