How to retrieve body content submitted to backendless service calls?

When making API Calls, GETS’ PUT’S, POSTS’ DELETE’S etc to one of my Backendless Services, i submit a body as part of the call but how do i retrieve this in the codeless editor for processing?

For example, i have a big backend API that i bridge with Backendless and backendless performs all the validation etc and constructs the body for that call to the big API i have, but the only way of transferring data to a backendless API in a call is using headers or parameters?

Am i missing something? Thanks.

Hello @Connor_Caunt ,
We will be happy to assist you.
First, you need to configure the method so that it can accept the body of the request, indicate what exactly will be transmitted, after which you will have the context block “Method Argument “body”” which contains the Body of the request.