How to retrieving data for a logged in user in UI Builder

In this topic, we’ll look at how easy it is to make retrieving data for a logged in user in UI Builder.

In this example we format text and other elements for a logged in user within a form based on Boolean values in a database table. If the logged in user’s stage1Complete value in the UserDetails table is true, set the text to ‘XYZ’ else set text to ‘ABC’

For example, the page has a login and password entry field, a button and a text.

For authorization use emails

password 123456


password 123456

We also have 2 already created accounts in the Users table, and the related records in the UserDetails table

Let’s add logic on button click. For this we need click on the puzzle:

On click event write logic like this:


That’s all!
Thanks for reading, and as always, happy codeless coding!