How to return data from Custom Events to my app?

I’ve created custom event

 public function handleEvent( $runner_context, $event_args ) {
 print("hello event received! " . print_r($event_args, 1));
 print("RETURNING event args");
 return $event_args;

Than after dispatching(with curl or ios app ) I’m receiving empty response. What is correct way to return data from event to my app?

 let result = Backendless.sharedInstance().events.dispatch("helloDude", args: ["testKEY": "valueKEY"], fault: nil)

Hello, Denys!

Looks like your code is correct and the issue is on our side.
I’ve created internal ticket and we are working on this issue.
Ticket number is 11690.
best regards,

any updates ?

Changes already available on github:

Great! Thank you! It works.