How to run a Backendless UI from my existing website?

Hi, I’m a new user to Backendless and it seems very powerful so far. However, I’m new to web development and having issues figuring out where to go next. Forgive me if I use incorrect terminology or have an incorrect approach.

I have an existing website with Squarespace and up until now, I’ve been coding HTML/JS UI elements in Visual Studio to incorporate into one of my pages with good success so far, after a little of trial and error at first. The contents of the HTML file get pasted into a code block in the body, and the CSS into the custom css settings menu and that’s been fine so far, then I discovered codeless building and wanted to give it a try.

I have a test UI created in Backendless and I’m trying to embed it into my Squarespace page and I’m not sure how that works after several hours of searching on the internet, watching Backendless Youtube videos, and many attempts. I’m sure there is more to it than my previous method, given that it’s hosted somewhere else and not just HTML that runs on the Squarespace host. I have the client-side setup page pulled up and tried to call the app/api with a JS code embed with that info (application id, JS API key, etc), but it doesn’t seem to be working.

I can’t get the standalone code generated by the UI Builder to run in Visual Code either so that eliminated my usual approach of simply copying the raw code into their respective injection points, plus there are other file types in the published zip file besides the HTML and CSS so I’m unsure of what to do with those since Squarespace only acceps HTML, JS, and CSS.

Any help getting an app to run through Squarespace would be very much appreciated. Thanks

Hello @Jesse
Welcome to the community and thanks for trying out Backendless!

If I understand you correctly, do you want to create UI and logic with Backendless and use it in another service? If so, Backendless UI-builder doesn’t have support for this case. UI-builder was not designed for such cases.


Hi @viktor.liablin

I’m not sure if I’m even asking the right questions, as I’m new to this.

Even if my UI/logic is running on the Backendless servers as usual, I’m not even really sure how to deploy it in general.

I see the client side setup documentation(Client-side Setup - Backendless SDK for JavaScript API Documentation), but I’m so new to this I’m not sure what to do with that information. I wrote a JS script to fetch the API, but I’m not sure how to use the innit.App(subdomain) code snippet to reach the app. Nothing seems to be working and I’m having trouble finding information regarding what to do after I’m done creating the UI. Basically, I can see the UI in the preview function, but what do I do after I publish?


Hi Jesse,

I see so many different things you described, I am confused about the end goal. Can you describe what you want to accomplish?


Hi Mark,
Sorry for the confusion.

I’m trying to create a UI that can be accessed from within a website.

How do I (or users) access and use the finished product after I hit publish? Using your “Previewing and Publishing” video as reference (Previewing and Publishing your codeless UI app - Developing apps without coding - YouTube) and I’m confused as to what happens next.



You can share the link to your published app.



Is there a way to make it run live as an embed or something?



Only one option comes to my mind - with iframe HTML tag. But I can’t guarantee it for you. You should test it.

Once an app is built with UI Builder and after you publish it, you can take the produced HTML/JS/CSS files and deploy on your server. The UI part can be hosted anywhere. I am not sure if this fits your “embedding” idea though.


It looks like Viktor’s iframe suggestion worked and I can play with that for now.

Thank you both for your help and patience!