How to save an object that contains images in one call?

is there any way to acheive this ?

How are the images referenced?

  • URL to a file?
  • byte array?
  • name for an image that is saved in a special directory?

i want the images to be Saved in backendless files api and linked to their objects

In this case, you need to do it this way:

  1. Upload the image using the File upload API (see the docs for it). The API returns the full URL for the image.
  2. Use the URL received in (1) as the value of the property for the image in the object. (it will be a String)
  3. Save the object using the API to save/update object in the database.


thanks, but i hope you are working on making this in a Single step

How would that work? Saving file to the file storage and saving an object in the database are clearly two separate steps. You can create a custom API that combines them, but from our perspective it would not make any sense.


so that consumes 3 api Calls, right?

One API call to upload a file
One API call to save your object.