How to Save Image or Image URL in User Class in the Column of Profile Picture

I am Migrating from Parse and now finally stopped on Backendless because it is the only so closed to parse.
but I am having a trouble uploading image.
I am really unable to understand how to save Image or Image URL in profile Picture column of User in Our Custom Table.
Please Guide me, I am so stuck here.

You cannot save file as a property in a User (or any other object). Instead you need to upload your file, get the URL of the uploaded file and store the URL in the data object property.

ThankYou So Much :slight_smile:

So how I obtain the user social profile image url, for instance google plus profile image?

If you previously save image in our file storage, you should use our api to get file. But if you talk about getting the image direct from google - you should use google api.

Please tell me how to save it as a URL?

Hi @Ashrik_Ahamed,

you can upload files into File Storage using File Upload API or Save Files from Byte Arrays API, in response you’ll receive a file URL which you can save in a STRING column of the needed table.


i am very sorry brother i cannot get it from those documentations, that you have mentioned.please give me a clear idea.
Thank you:)

Ok, let’s start first - what is your question/problem? It’s not entirely clear to me where exactly you want to save the file and where you want to see it “as a URL”. Can you give an example of what you want as a result? It will help me to help you :slight_smile: