How to select todays date as a pickup date in Calender

Hi, Can you please guide me on selecting today’s(Present) date in the calendar in the Driver booking system blueprint? Right now I am able to select future dates only. Thank you!!


Hi @Sayali_Shinde,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to select the current day on the calendar because the system does not work like a taxi. Reservations are made only for future dates, so travel planning takes place.

Regards, Oksana

Hi, @Oksana_Dmytriieva
Is there any other way to select the current date in the calendar like by changing some logic in the coding? Thank you!!

Yes, sure.

If you have installed this application for yourself and have access to the pages, then you have the opportunity to customize them and change the logic as you need.

There is no step-by-step guide for creating ready-made applications, but you can view the page code step by step and observe the behavior at launch, change something and immediately track your changes.

Regards, Oksana

Thanks for the Info!! One more thing, Is there any already defined e-mail templates or Notification in this project like New booking email to the Client or admin? or do we need to add this by ourselves? Thank you!!

At the moment there are client notifications by email about bookings and email notifications for drivers. They are written as an example by code inside the system, not by templates. If the format of such notifications does not suit you, then you can set up separate templates for yourself or change the existing format.

Thank you for your interest and happy codeless coding!

Regards, Oksana

Ok!! Can I see this notification with the system’s default SMTP settings or Is it necessary to set up an own SMTP setting just to view emails for testing purposes? Thank you!!

As for standard templates (registration, password reset), you can track them with the default SMTP settings, and for custom ones you need to configure your own SMTP.

Regards, Oksana

Ok!!Thanks for the help!!