How to sequence through steps

Task: Add Object With API
Not clear how to sequence through steps.
I’ve done the four steps in “Data Sponge” by clicking on Data Sponge box then clicking on step … is this the only way?
Data Sponge box was still showing 0/4, and wouldn’t let me advance to “CRUD Rookie”. After getting out of console and back in, now shows Data Sponge is done and lets me into CRUD Rookie.

What is the proper "go to next step ‘process’?

Hi @Jim_Austin !

It is know bug ( internal ticket BKNDLSS-24815) - missions map does not update in real-time. To bypass it you should leave that screen and then go back to it or just refresh page.

Regards, Andriy

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Thanks Andriy, got it!

Hello @Jim_Austin,

we’ve fixed this issue and it will be available in one of the future releases.
Thanks for reporting this.