How to set Operations for member of Developement Team

/main/manage/settings => Developement Team
I’m able to add members but cannot assing roles (
Add developerRemove developerModify permission).

Hi Jens,

Are you saying that clicking on the checkmarks in the Development Team table gives you an error?


Hi Mark,

it gives not an error. There is simply “nothing” happening onClick.


Is it in the Cloud or Standalone version?

Also what is the status of the added team member? Have they accepted the invite?


Standalone, they have accepted the invite.

Could you please open the Network tab in your browser and see if console makes request to the server and what the response contains?

There is no network activity when clicking in these buttons.

By the way, what do you mean by “checkmarks”?
Find a screenshot attached.

That does not look right at all! You can see what it should be like with the Cloud version. We’ll get this fixed soon.

Hi Jens,

This issue has been fixed in the newer version (3.0.0-16). You can download it either from our website, or from Bitnami’s one.