How to set the metadata parameter when adding geo points with the REST api?

The documentations states that I can add the optional metadata parameters like this:

PUT /version/geo/points?lat=x.xxxx&lon=y.yyyy&categories=ABC,XYZ[&AAAA=foo&BBBB=bar]

However, this doesn’t seem to work, any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I apologize for the double entry, there was some weird error when adding the previous one.

These don’t work either:
PUT /version/geo/points?lat=x.xxxx&lon=y.yyyy&categories=ABC,XYZ&AAAA=foo&BBBB=barPUT /version/geo/points?lat=x.xxxx&lon=y.yyyy&categories=ABC,XYZ&metadata=[&AAAA=foo&BBBB=bar]PUT /version/geo/points?lat=x.xxxx&lon=y.yyyy&categories=ABC,XYZ&{&AAAA=foo&BBBB=bar}

Hi Geo,

There was an error in the documentation. The proper way to add metadata to a geo point when you create one is this:

PUT /version/geo/points?lat=x.xxxx&lon=y.yyyy&categories=ABC,XYZ&metadata={JSON-OBJECT}

where JSON-OBJECT contains the key/value definitions of the points metadata. For example:

PUT /version/geo/points?lat=x.xxxx&lon=y.yyyy&categories=ABC,XYZ&metadata={“AAA”:“foo”,“BBB”:“bar”}

It is important to URL encode the double quotes though.