How to take a screen capture

Hi, I’m working on a feedback / bug report function in my app. I looked through the forums and the marketplace but wasn’t able to find something that might do this.

Is there an existing component or easy way via javascript to capture the user’s screen as an image (with their consent of course) so they can submit it as part of a bug report?


Hi, @James_Hereford

One simple approach is to use the external library. Here’s a basic example of how you could use it:

  1. First, find some external library which allows you to capture the contents of the HTML element. For example, html2canvas
  2. Include this library in your project. You can do this by saving a CDN in Libraries section on SETTINGS tab in UI Builder

3.Then, your Custom code should work as expected:


Thanks Serhiy, I’ll give it a shot!