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How to unsubscribe from Messaging Channel and Realtime Database

I am making chat app where in Chat screen, it subscribes to messaging and realtime DB update listener. But after in and out the screens for 30 times, I got this error and it can’t receive message and listen to database anymore.

I tried removeAllMessageListeners() and removeUpdateListeners() inside dispose() but still doesn’t work.

Hello, @irwancheung.

We are aware of this issue. We have a ticket(BKNDLSS-25479) for solving this problem. When this is resolved, we will inform you.

Best regards, Nikita.

Hi, @Nikita_Fedorishchev

Any updates about this?

Hello @irwancheung

This ticket is still under discussion and has the status of “Open”. As soon as we know the information, we will let you know.