How to upload static web

I am trying to figure out how to upload a static website. I would like to upload a folder of content or upload a zip file and unzip. The only option I see is for uploading a file, which does not make sense for all of the assetts of an entire static web site.

Hi Barry

Just upload a zip file containing all your static assets and unzip it using a specific action in actions column :</img>

When you unzip the files are put into a folder with the name of the zip file. How do you unzip files into the web folder itself, for example the index.html.

filename is, in the web folder and unzip, you get ~\web\mywebsite\index.html

One way to do it is to upload into the root folder and unzip it there. However, this approach would work if you do not already have the /web directory. (if you do and then unzip, you will get “web(1)” directory.