How to us UI Builder to confirm if a user is already registered as a user?

Please advise on how to confirm if a ‘email’ has alreday been registered.

Hi @Paul_HIllen,

could you please provide me with more info on what do you want to do?

Hi Stanislaw,
Users with an ‘admin’ role within a business can ‘invite’ new users to join the team. The new user is sent an email with a unique code which on registering assigns specific user roles.
However, sometimes an existing user maybe sent a new ‘invite’ if their role within the business has changed. In this instance I want to direct them to short ‘sign-in’ flow rather than ‘new-registration’.

You can run a count query to the Users table with the following where-clause:
email = ''

and if the result will be not 0, then such a user already exists.
Is this works for you?

Thanks, I was looking at the “user API’ / 'Find user by” block and couldn’t understand how it was used, but your soloution works.
All the best.

Hi Stanislaw,
I’m having problems creating a count query with UI Blocks.
could you expand on the blocks required please?

Hi Paul,

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