How to use a 3rd party SDK

I have installed HubSpot tracking code on my Backendless app and have tested this to confirm it is working. According to the HubSpot’s documentation this now allows me to use their conversations SDK to implement live chat.

The API is housed in the window.HubSpotConversations object. All available methods can be accessed via this object. The HubSpot script loader (aka the HubSpot tracking code) on your page will create this object for you

I don’t understand how to do this. Do I use custom code using the Javascript examples in the HubSpot documentation? Or can I set up an API service in Business Logic?

Is there a standard way to use SDKs in UI Builder that is documented or has a video to explain?

HubSpot SDK documentation is here - Conversations | Chat Widget SDK

Hello @Luc_Zentar

Try to use block Custom Code (LOGIC - SYSTEM - Advanced - Custom Code).

Perhaps this article can help you - How to use NPM modules in Codeless logic in API Services, Event Handlers and Timers