How to use New Login provider for Users

please explain what details should I fill here

Hello @Farhan007

Default mappings – a mapping of user properties between the OAuth provider and Backendless.
The mapping must be represented as JSON.

For example, I use my custom provider, which returns me data in the following form:

  my_email: 'foo",
  my_password: "bar"

But Backednless User doesn’t have columns like my_email or my_password, he has email and password so we need to map this data.
That is how it should look map file in this case:

 my_password: 'password',
 my_email: 'email'

In case you don’t want to do any customization, you need to specify the mapping to at least get the identity field.

{"email": "email" }


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@Inna_Shkolnaya This is really Helpful Thanks for your afford.
I Want to know about all fields because entered data is not perfect

please explain all the fields


I think this documentation will be useful OAuth 2.0 — OAuth