How to validate Stripe Webhook Signature

I’m sure someone here already has done it, but I’m stuck on implementing Stripe Checkout. In particular validation of Webhook Secret.
So I am now able to receive all stripe events through webhook, but where to implement that validation on whsec_##### key from Codeless/Business logic, I have no idea.

Can someone guide me in right direction?

I see that some updates has been made for this particular case, that can be tracked here Raw Body in API Service request but not sure how I could do the validation from Codeless logic

Hi @Uldis_Borkus

in Codeless there is HTTP block which you can use to send any request to any endpoint

If you can provide a JS code or curl of the request I can assist you to build the request in the Codeless


Hi @vladimir-upirov This is a bit confusing, as my understanding is that I don’t have to send anything, but to validate what I receive on the webhook meant for stripe events.

What I understood is that in the header there should be a webhook signature, but when retreiving event on the webhook I only see body with it’s parameters.

Probably first step for me would be to understand how to retrieve/see the header, and in the link above there is some reference to raw body, that is needed to validate the secret key.

hello @Uldis_Borkus

are you using the following marketplace product Stripe Integration Plugin | Backendless Features.