How to view current businesses logic code?

Hi, I am new to the backendless cloud code system (I am coming from parse) in which you were able to view the current deployed code.
At first I thought, oh that is probably the code that I see at the bottom, but then I figured that even after I successfully deployed my code from my local IDEA, the code would not change, and then I realized that it is actually just a code template generator which does not represent the current code.
So what I wanna know is how do you see the current cloud code?
Is it even possible to view it in the backendless console (web)?

The code you see at the bottom shows up in the section titled “Generated Code” on the tab that is called “Code Generation”. The code is not editable and is there to show you what has been generated.

As for the code that is deployed into Production is the code that you deployed from your local machine. So there would not be a better place to see what’s in production than your local machine ))

Thanks for the quick reply, The only reason I was wondering if I can see the code online is because I have multiple computers, so it would have been easier for me to see on which computer I have the latest code.

I agree, it would make it easier. We’re working on a few changes where it will work just like you described (for JS and PHP, not Java though).