HTML from file storage is displayed as plain text


I have an HTML file hosted in the Files service. It used to display correctly as HTML but something has changed (not the file) and now it displays as plain text:
The behaviour is consistent across browsers.
If I download the file and open it locally on my computer it displays as HTML.

I have tried to make an escaped copy but it displays as plain text, too:

What should I do to display an HTML file hosted in the Files services as HTML in browsers?

Hi Milen,

If you rename the file to have the .html extension it will work just fine - see the privacypolicytest.html file I put in the file storage.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the fast response! Unfortunately I still get plain text when I open that file:

Hi Milen,

You’re using console-based URL, which doesn’t account for content type. In fact, you should not use that URL in your app. Try this instead:


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Hi Milen

Mark was ahead of me =)

and also I recommend you to remove all the shared links, because, since they are console’s urls they contains your current auth-token to Console fcfdrgddseb…asnowqluooks

Regards, Vlad

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Oh! I didn’t know that this button copied a different link!
It works this way. Thanks a lot!