Html in web folder unable to load


html file in web folder unable to load in backendless console, got following error when i tried to open the file in browser.

This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.

it was working yesterday :frowning:

okay, i’ve figured it out. the link has port number 80 in. wasnt there before?

Hi, Ivy

Should be fine now. Please check


thanks for the quick response. just logout & login back, same problem. still has :80 in the url when open the file in console.

however, link in the email is working now. thanks.

How did you verify that the problem still persists?
Try copying public URL of the file -
and open it in a new browser tab. Works for me -

Could you please check again? There is no need to log out and log in again, simply reload the page

logout & login. in console, when i hover over index.html, i can see the ulr has port number in (please see the attached screenshot). if i click to open it, the page shows error and the url also has port number in.

Weird, because same scenario with the same file works in my case.
What is your application ID?

AppID: B08555AF-EADA-399B-FFEB-561BD0AEEF00

just checked again. it’s working in console too. magic!