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Html in web folder unable to load

(Ivy Tang) #1


html file in web folder unable to load in backendless console, got following error when i tried to open the file in browser.

This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.

it was working yesterday :frowning:

(Ivy Tang) #2

okay, i’ve figured it out. the link has port number 80 in. wasnt there before?

(Anton Govorushkin) #3

Hi, Ivy

Should be fine now. Please check


(Ivy Tang) #4

thanks for the quick response. just logout & login back, same problem. still has :80 in the url when open the file in console.

however, link in the email is working now. thanks.

(Anton Govorushkin) #5

How did you verify that the problem still persists?
Try copying public URL of the file -
and open it in a new browser tab. Works for me -

Could you please check again? There is no need to log out and log in again, simply reload the page

(Ivy Tang) #6

logout & login. in console, when i hover over index.html, i can see the ulr has port number in (please see the attached screenshot). if i click to open it, the page shows error and the url also has port number in.

(Anton Govorushkin) #7

Weird, because same scenario with the same file works in my case.
What is your application ID?

(Ivy Tang) #8

AppID: B08555AF-EADA-399B-FFEB-561BD0AEEF00

(Ivy Tang) #9

just checked again. it’s working in console too. magic!